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Where does the soul go when under anesthesia?

I have always been curious about spirituality and issues regarding the soul. Assisting in surgeries during my years as a labor and deliver nurse, I began wondering where the soul went while the body was under anesthesia. In 1995, I spent four days observing in the OR at a major Bay Area trauma center where I worked. I followed the souls of individuals undergoing surgery. Using skills of Shamanic tracking and following intuitive knowing, I followed the soul as anesthesia was administered and what occurred while under. There were similarities, case to case, for where the soul traveled while undergoing different procedures that I couldn’t ignore.

I began working with clients having surgical procedures, chemo infusions and other interventions. I dictate what I observe. Much of it involved who came to visit them, what ancestors showed up and which loved ones had died previously came to be with them. These ancestors always came with love, deep caring and brought healing to the client. Sometimes, religious figures showed up with messages and with extraordinary compassion and love. It has been such an honor to convey what I see to my clients.

While I was observing in the operating room, I noticed how much energy was in the room. I identified souls of people who had died, but not crossed to the Light. I saw the souls of removed organs and the entities that accompany cancers, attach to people with addiction and pain issues. Soul parts that got lost when the individual experienced trauma were stuck here. During my first day observing, I energetically cleared the room, returning all misplaced energy to Light beings who could make sure it ended up where it needed to be. Souls who were ready to cross to the Light, were escorted to a special place and assisted across.

Tomorrow: What my clients have said about their experience.

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