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Re-emerging in 2024

It’s taking me some time to re-emerge from the dark of the winter. While Winter Solstice assures us the light is returning, I have the desire to turn inward. I am not ready to step out. Yet.


I rely on the Celtic Wheel of the Year to align with the turning of the seasons.  I feel called to follow my inward turning urge. I am drawn to curl up with the bear, as she slumbers in her cave and dreams of the year to come. I want to curl around my intended projects for the year and dream them into being. Just as seeds germinate in the soil, I am nurturing the seeds of my dreams for the coming Spring. There is great delight in giving myself permission, to once again, turn inward.


Imbolc, or Bridget’s Day, is on February 2nd. This is considered the first day of Early Spring. This is my time for re-emergence! Stay tuned for upcoming classes and workshops.


So, what seeds am I nurturing? I’m on a mission to find more ways to serve the Light. So, I am aiming to add classes, individual clients, and a You Tube presence to my healing practice. I am also nurturing personal seed dreams. These include training classes with my eight-month-old puppy, a wonderful fruit and veggie garden when it warms up again and spending more time in Nature.


How about you? What dream seeds are you nurturing here in the cold of winter? What do you want to manifest this year? What makes you feel alive?



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