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Tarot Archetypes at Play in 2024: Balance and Strength

It may be almost mid-January, but we are in a beginning cycle. Here’s how I approach the New Year. I begin each new Gregorian year with a spread of oracle and tarot cards. I began using the Voyager Tarot deck (James Wanless) almost 40 years ago. It is a deck for visionaries and inner growth seekers. Each card is a beautiful, intricate collage. Between Solstice and New Year’s, I use intuition and numerology, to divine the cards for the new year. Some are personal cards, some are Universal. One is for the year itself.


For 2024, the card of the year. Is Balance. More traditional decks suggest it is a year of Strength. I believe we will need both Strength and Balance this year. Let’s take a look.


Balance in the Voyager deck is the eighth card of the Major Arcana. Balance is achieved with continuous small movements to maintain equilibrium. If we think of a seesaw, to get the two sides to balance, one person must adjust their position on the board.  


In a changing and tumultuous world, we need to make big and small movements to keep our own balance. We see higher prices at the grocery store. To afford the same food as before, we need to shift money away from another expense. I can imagine we have all had to do this juggling act at some time in our lives. Sometimes the adjustment is a very conscious shift. Other times, it is a very subtle movement, one we adjust without thought. We can also apply this adjusting with commutes to work, time spent with family, prioritizing time for yourself. A slight shift in one area affects the others.


What happens when we stop these micro adjustments? We become stagnant and lose our connection to our life force. Action becomes effortful. Fatigue and inertia set in. We find ourselves in a heap, lethargic and uninspired, passive. When we keep our balance with the fluidity of movement, we make micro adjustments. We assume the posture of a surfer ready for the next wave. We stand tall, ready to face the world.


We must be mindful of this year. Are we becoming rigid, unbending? Can we look at our own opinions, beliefs and aspirations clearly? Can we make micro adjustments when needed? Larger movements when called for? Are we willing to be pulled further out of our comfort zones as the world shifts? We need flexibility this year, more than ever before. With it, we can be ready for change as it comes. We will know how and when to act or maintain our balance.


Looking at the Strength card, we are looking at maintaining the right to self-governance. “This means the full and free, but controlled expression of mind, heart, body and spirit…” (Way of the Great Oracle, by Dr James Wanless.) This very right is being challenged all over the world. Strength can be a quiet storehouse of power used for good. It can destroy what is known, to make way for the new. Strength can be what we need to uphold the Light in a time full of shadow.


How do we build our strength? We know what it takes to strengthen the body. How do become stronger in each area of mind, sprit and emotions? We work with our Power Animal to draw strength from them and learn to cultivate it in ourselves. (Don’t know who your totem animal is? PM Korie to set up a session to find out.)


For 2024, each of us gets to choose how we use our strength. Each of us must find our balance and make micromovements to support us in staying balanced. Gathering inner strength fortifies our resolve to remain balanced. Being balanced strengthens us.


What questions arise as you read this? Where do you see Strength and Balance needed for you in this new year? How do you cultivate each quality? Happy musing!

If you're interested in a transformational session with Korie, please contact her at


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