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The Horse Behind the Cart!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I couldn't find a picture of a cart in front of the horse. Google suggested the horse's behind!!

I posted my first blog in May of 2020, a couple of months after the pandemic hit. We had came home from a two month cross country trip in late February. We brought home a tiny whippet puppy the week before everything shut down. Oh my, was she cute! Ziggy is my partner’s first dog, and my nineth. We began a new adventure during a difficult and unpredictable time of lockdown.

I am a retired nurse, with 30 years of experience in the high crisis areas of Labor and Delivery and inpatient Mental Health. I felt compelled to join the fight, helping in whatever way I could. I also knew, in the early days, I couldn’t do that. I live with an autoimmune dis-ease. Instead, we were out at five pm on many days, banging on pots and drumming to support the first responders and frontline workers. Prayers flew to every ambulance siren and picture of exhausted hospital nurses and other staff. We placed a neon heart in our window, to support those workers putting their lives on the line. These hearts still populate windows in my neighborhood and make evening walks very special.

My own experiences with quarantining two weeks a month for 15 months, took its toll. As a former psychiatric nurse, I am thrilled that attention is being placed on mental health issues stemming from the pandemic. Many experienced some sort of trauma during the pandemic, losing loved ones, not being with their loved ones, remanded to home, freedom to move about, there were many sources of wounding, including fear and unpredictability.

Fast forward to today, I’m back on my feet. I hope you are also finding your way. I’ve recently joined a marketing program and am eager to share my perspectives and experiences. I invite you to the share your thoughts.

I hope to be a counterbalance in an unpredictable world. Climate change, wars, acts of hate and intolerance swamp the media. filters are so very important. So is the light we can each bring into the world. We see it in the snippets of posts on social media. Those cute baby, dog, cat, people and nature reels that make us feel good and remember the good.

Talking to my sister recently, “It froze last night and each blade of grass, was outlined in frost. I couldn’t capture it with the camera.” No, she couldn’t. Still, it took her breath away. She experienced a moment of light.

This morning, my dogs opted to lay in sunbeams in the living room, instead of rushing out for the morning walk. Yes, I took several pictures! My heart was full with sunbeams, sun bathing dogs and my love for them. Another moment of light.

Being the counterbalance. This is when we bring moments of light to the planet, to our fellow travelers and to ourselves. It is to experience reverence and to uphold reverence in an often sarcastic and critical world. Will you join me in exploring those moments? Let us feel deeply, experience deeply, this world of contradictions.

Many of my posts draw from my experiences of bridging science, spirituality, and medicine. I see magic everywhere. I want to share that, too, to bring light to the planet. My perspective is unique. So is yours.

Every day is filled with moments of light. We just need to recognize them. What moments of light do you treasure? Share them below. Let us celebrate with you, each of our visits from the Divine.

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