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In Pursuit of Spiritual Curiosity, Surgery Support was Born

In Pursuit of Spiritual Curiosity, Surgery Support was Born

In the mid-1990s, I worked at a large city hospital in San Francisco. I had been studying shamanism and energy work for many years. My curiosity lay in where the soul went during surgery and under anesthesia. I set out to explore this.

I am someone who can shift focus and see into different realms and realities. It is easy for me to see what happening to a person on a spirit level. That I have seen many unusual things in Ordinary Reality and NonOrdinary Reality is an understatement.

I received permission to observe in the operating room suite that took up a whole floor in the hospital I worked in. I was in gown and mask and looked identical to and indistinguishable from to the other people in the room! The first surgery was brain surgery! The attending physician hustled me over at one point and brought me to the table to look into the brain. “Here’s the Dura Mater,” he said. I could see membranes and gray matter pulsing. I sense the reverence and awe he felt as we peered in. He wanted to share the experience. It was quite amazing and I am grateful for that moment.

My own energy observation began. Switching attention, I scanned the room, I became aware of how many disembodied spirits and fragments of spirits there were. How many surgeries have been done in this operating room since its first use? I hoped there were other nurses like me, who did energy work.I saw how crowded the room was. Soul parts, misplaced spirits and soul parts separated from their body. I could see that sometimes people died and their spirit left the body but didn’t leave the room. Others who went under anesthesia with a great deal of fear, left a part of their soul in the operating room when they were woken up and taken to recovery.Souls can fragment this way when under the stress of trauma. The room was incredibly crowded with spirits! I began to clear the room, as well as observe, and souls began to cross over to the light. They were many healing spirits to help souls and organ parts and souls across. The room became lighter and brighter and it was much more easy to ground myself.

I began to see long lines of beings behind the surgeons. These were their mentors and teachers from the spirit realm! They were bringing their information and expertise to the surgeons,and the surgeons’ expertise was enhanced by these advisors.

My attention then turned to the patient. A man in his middle 40s, he was having his second brain surgery to remove a tumor. I asked his spirit for permission to observe. I got a clear yes. it was also clear that I did not have permission to interfere with his process. I don’t work with people without their permission, anyway. When I asked on a spirit level where his soul was, I saw a beautiful garden with a grassy area that led to a bridge. The bridge was clearly off-limits and I came to understand this was none other than the rainbow bridge!

As his body rested and was breathed by machines while he was under anesthesia, his spirit sat in the garden. I could see him smoking, trying to calm his nerves when a checkerboard appeared before him and from behind the curtain and hand reached out. It made the first move in a game of checkers! I watched his spirit visibly calm in the presence of whomever was behind the curtain. He became drowsy and eventually fell asleep.

I continued to scan the room and sawso much more.I made sure I did not pick up any energy that was cartwheeling around the room. I knew the surgery would be eight or nine hours. While I had couldn’t stay for the duration, I prepared to leave. Checking the room again energetically, making sure all lost or misplaced souls had been crossed over to the light, andI grounded the room into present time once again. I felt immensely grateful to have seen all that I did.

I also felt a huge responsibility of having started something I couldn’t finish. I hesitated to leave. The hand that have been playing checkers from the other side of the curtain pulled the curtain back, to reveal Jesus smiling at me saying,“I’ll handle things from here!” I took my leave!

I spent a lot of time musing on what I had seen and how I might work with people to elevate their surgical experience. The work I do today with clients expands on this first day observing. I’ve added other components to clear and support the body to be in an optimal state for healing. Clearing anesthesia is another focus after the procedure. Clients report less side effects as they begin healing post-surgery. There is also evidence that energy work decreases the need for pain medication after surgery.

While this is all outside the realm of western medicine, it definitely works well with it, in a non-competitive way.

As you have read these accounts over the last few days, what questions arise? What have you found yourself musing on? I’d love to hear and I’m eager to answer questions!

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