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Health Issues and Surgery Support, seeing beyond the five senses.

I am happy to say this last bout of COVID is less prominent in my life right now. I feel more and more like myself again and when I overdo, I don’t feel so good. This actually is a good thing. My senses of smell and taste are back. Whew! That was weird!

I’ve been in a marketing program for the last six months. It is packed with valuable information, I am learning a lot and pushing through my own blocks. Thank you to each of you who have responded with support, curiosity, encouragement and engagement over the last few months. I am eager to share what I currently doing offer when I work with clients. I deeply appreciate your feedback and curiosity.

As a retired RN, I have always been someone who jumps into action at the slightest hint of an emergency. Now, post COVID, I must slow down, rest and listen more to my body. Of course, I’m impatient! But I have found, over the course of my life, illness gets our attention. Whether it is COVID or a Rheumatoid arthritis flare up, it is a reminder to me that something is or has been out of balance. It’s up to me, to re-find my center. This is how I work with people facing new or chronic diagnoses.

While I was working as an RN for 35 years, I explored many spiritual paths including shamanism, hands on healing, meditation and intuitive reading and healing, and tarot, to name a few. I now blend these skills with my medical expertise to support women over 50 facing new or chronic illness that may or may not include the need for surgery, chemotherapy or other infusions. I assist women in making life changes that supports them in thriving on a day to day basis.

Medical staff in clinics, offices and hospitals may have the desire to go the extra mile to support patients, they often don’t have the time or bandwidth to do so. This is where I come in. Being retired, but not without desire to serve, I can go the extra mile and I wish to!

To keep this post from becoming a tome, I will post in segments this week. I will also post in my blog which you can access here: Tomorrow: What did I see in the OR?

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