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Blog October 29, 2020

Of all thing things I am passionate for, few touch all aspects of my life as much as my love and respect for the planet, herself. I am constantly considering what impact I have, via the things I purchase and consume, have on this living, breathing being, Earth.

My first protest march was “A large anti-nuclear demonstration was held on May 6, 1979, in Washington, D.C., when 125,000 people including the Governor of California, attended a march and rally against nuclear power.” (Wikipedia) It certainly wasn’t my last!

My love of the planet has been a driving force in my life. I became interested in the back to the land movement while still in high school. I spent my twenties raising goats and working two jobs. One, as a nursing assistant, purchased hay and grain for the goats. The work on the farm filled my heart and soul with aliveness.

Today, forty years later, I am an avid gardener, considering what to plant in, reusing, recycling and composting to make the garden as earth friendly as possible. I use no pesticides and used organic, planet and plant friendly fertilizers and soil enhancers.

I consider packaging when I buy items for garden and household. I look to buy used when I can. Thrift stores, Craigslist and Kajiji supply me with household items and garden items. I leave feeling good!

How can you make a difference? Begin by choosing one area of your life that you will begin observing what the effect of what you purchase has on the bigger figure. Begin by considering these steps. It may look something like this:

It satisfies me, i.e. it’s what I’m looking for.

What was its route to me? Where did it originate?

Look at the packaging. Is it recyclable or reusable?

Can I get it used? We need to decide, for each of us, whether that is

possible and IF we are willing to do that. Some things we will want to get new. Glue comes to mind! Allow the process to be playful.

Start observing, becoming “woke,” to what small changes in awareness you can make. Every thing you do, to support the planet, helps others to do their part. Yes, there are big corporations, hospitals, schools and governmental agencies that create a lot of waste, don’t recycle, don’t buy recycled products or used products. 

This is how I see it. As each of us brings into our conscious awareness, our personal impact on the planet, we change the permission level to take these steps for others. It is an invisible result often, but a felt experience in the world beyond the five sense. Each of the larger institutions can change when there is push from inside and outside. Recycling of paper and certain plastics, purchasing products made of post consumer waste all are steps we can do individually and push for in larger businesses.

We you do this, I thank you, the planet thanks you and your planet conscious co-conspirators thank you. You can play an integral part in beginning or deepening your direct participation in supporting the planet’s health. This in turn supports you. Me. All of us.

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