Shamanic Bereavement

Shamanic  Bereavement introduces Shamanic Journeying to help us prepare for our own or someone else’s  crossing.  The realms beyond death can be explored. We meet allies and guides, who assist in the transition.  Fears of the unknown diminish. We are not alone in our crossing. Great love welcomes us.


The Spirit of the individual can become confused or lost on their journey to rejoin the Light. There may be unresolved issues or unspoken conversations. We assist the Soul of the individual to complete the necessary exchange with loved ones. This brings a sense of closure and peace of mind. The departed return to the Light. 

Ancestral Healing

Every family member has gifts and wounds from the past and present that influence their lives and the lives of their descendants. The stories passed down to future generations speak of discord, strife, deep love, immense joy, sacrifice, avarice, suffering at the hands of another, brutal lack of compassion.

The life experiences that shaped our ancestors continues to influence our own lives. This is the nature of lineage. The stories passed down through the generations hold valuable information. We can offer healing to our ancestors. Simultaneously, we release the burdens we have carried on their behalf. We can remember these ancestors without carrying their burdens forward.

Through communicating with the ancestors, we create ritual and speak the truth about what was. We name our perspective of their journey and the residual you have carried. As we honor their journey, we acknowledge their suffering and ours. We claim our rightful place in the lineage.  Healing occurs.


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