Life in the Time of Corona


Now more than ever, we are being called to be Light in the World.

It is my hope to offer you new tools to try out.


I invite you to look for what feeds kindness, hope, peace within you.

It may be to kindle a relationship with the natural world that is ancient

and within your cells, waiting to be awakened, to rekindle your imagination,

your connection to what is Sacred, to ignite your curiosity,

your courage and your creativity. 


What nourishes you? What is true nourishment?

What makes you feel more like you?” 

As you find the answers, drink deeply from this well!

I began to think about this blog way before the days of Covid-19.  Over the last ten years, I’ve weathered quite a few transitions. These events rocked my world and challenged me. I could feel the prodding of the Universe to grow beyond my comfort zones, I was guided to explore new ways of responding. I came to recognize what nourished and fed me spiritually.

I knew I carried many metaphysical tools in my toolbox and i found what worked for me in difficult circumstances. I have had many potent teachers who have offered outstretched hands and information of how to connect with the Divine. I came to a deeper understanding of the inner and outer worlds, and in turn, my place in the Universe.

These are such challenging and difficult times! There is palpable fear in the air, there are so many unknowns. We are dealing with an invisible antagonist. Its life cycle has involved us and is wrecking havoc, much as we have done with the planet. “I need just… A little more. Just a little more,” until an imbalance is established. How do rebalance ourselves, and establish new and healthier relationships with those around us and the environment. How do we find center? How can we be motivated from an internal source, as opposed to an external force?

We begin by being willing to look inside ourselves and see where we find unhappiness, dis-ease, the sense of inadequacy. We name what is out of balance within us. We make micro changes first. We move on to the bigger changes slowly. We turn down the volume of outside influences and disruptions. We  listen to the voice inside who says, “What about me?”  How do we quiet the anxiety and downright fear that sets in when we experience upheaval? Where do we get our true nourishment from? Where do we share our gifts?

These are the issues I hope to bring light to in his blog. I intend to share what has worked for me and the tools I continue to use. I am hoping that those of you who find this blog and website content intriguing will follow it. If you find it helpful, please share it.

The first step bridging “before Covid” with “in the midst of Covid” is to consider this statement, “What you really have control over now and at any other time on the planet is how you choose to respond to what is in front of you.” Muse on this, sit with it, list all the reasons why you agree and disagree with it. Both will be present. Play with it. Humor is most welcome, along with a dose of presence and patience to take the next step. Just notice your responses. There are no rights or wrongs. This is what is.  If you are also moving towards the Light, feel into what leads you in that direction. Notice where you feel the rightness in your body. This becomes a brick in your new, stronger foundation. You have begun the rebuilding!

          As we adjust to the new normal, we can dip into our inner selves and meet our strong, resilient selves, acknowledge and give comfort to the scared parts of us, the angry ones who just want to say how unfair it all. This is an invitation to notice, acknowledge and be with. Listen.

          Has it solved all my concerns, worries, what if’s? No, but it brings me comfort and tools relax the anxiety around change. I have a firmer foundation that offers me a steady place to move from, a place from which I can interface with the other worlds more effectively. I find myself more centered, more resilient, better able to cope with the newest changes.

          My deepest hope, dream, wish, is that what I share may be helpful to you in some small way, so that you feel more inclined to look within, and share your own precious Light with the world. We are so ready for your Light and for what you have to share! Do you wonder what tools are available to you? Stay tuned….

All Original Text and Photographs Copyright © Bearstar Holisitic Healing 2021  •  All Rights Reserved