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The world I knew has changed.

          The planet, herself, is changing.

The past year has been full of firsts for me. I had just returned from a two month cross country trip when the pandemic and shutdown was announced. We had also brought home a nine week old whippet puppy!

In the ensuing months the deepening exposure of racial inequality, conditions of white privilege, opened my eyes. The deepening rifts in the political arena, ensuing insurrection in Washington D.C. have all left me rattled.

... a letter from Korie

     As a retired nurse, I struggled when the call came to return to the bedside. Nurses run towards crisis and work with coworkers to put out fires. Hearing healthcare workers told to reuse single use protective equipment left me chilled and shaking my head. I was afraid for frontline workers who were putting their own lives at risk. Yet my own legs twitched to jump into the fray.

     Realistically, my own health situation continues to remind me I am not a candidate to answer the call in this way. I live with an autoimmune illness, and the meds I take suppress my immune system. It was a no brainer for me to stay home, but my legs still twitched. So how to give back, or give forward during the pandemic? How do I support others during the difficult times? How could I be the change?

     Considering my options, I realized I always had a side practice to complement my nursing career. I appreciate a holistic approach and my studies that took me in the direction of healing and metaphysics. I can no longer separate out body, mind, spirit and emotions. We are integrated beings, whole and inter-related.

     My calling is to see the whole person and be present with them. My background in nursing, tarot, shamanism, Healing Touch, spiritual counseling, women’s studies, psychology, mysticism, ancestral healing, life review and pastoral care are areas I pull from in sessions with clients. I aim to follow their lead.

     I hold a slice of perspective. I introduce concepts that often exist beyond the five senses. I invite you into my world. I hope there will be AHA! moments and practical tools that help you thrive. I hope you find resonance with some of the points of view. May you pause, look inside and know the beauty of your own uniqueness!

May we each be the counterbalance to these trying times!

     As we adjust to the new normal, we can dip into our inner selves and meet our strong, resilient self. We can acknowledge and give comfort to the scared part of us, the angry one who just wants to say how unfair it all is. This is an invitation to notice, acknowledge and be with. Listen.

     Has it solved all my concerns, worries, what if’s? No, but it brings me comfort and tools relax the anxiety around change. I have a firmer foundation that offers me a steady place to move from, a place from which I can interface with the other worlds more effectively. I find myself more centered, more resilient, better able to cope with the newest changes.

     My deepest hope, dream, wish, is that what I share may be helpful to you in some small way, so that you feel more inclined to look within, and share your own precious Light with the world. We are so ready for your Light and for what you have to share! Do you wonder what tools are available to you? Stay tuned….

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