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Korie Shokmalli is a retired RN, metaphysical healer and teacher. She draws from a full metaphysical tool kit to bring insight, understanding and AHA! moments. Korie is an impeccable guide and delights in opening doors to provide insight and self-understanding.                           

The path forward becomes illuminated -
offering new ways of perceiving the known world.

Nature and the Spirits themselves continue
                                           to be my most powerful teachers.

Korie experiences life as a teacher, all of nature as a close companion and source of Spiritual Manna, and the Healing Spirits as good friends and advisors.  Her gardens provide connection with what is alive and miraculous on a day to day basis. Dogs make things good in her world!


In 1992, she graduated from the Church of Natural Grace Seminary, "Psychic Horizons". Korie also studied Tarot with James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot From 1992-2000, she completed all undergrad classes and the Three Year program at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Korie brings her extensive awareness of a Shamanic world view, nurse’s perspective, Interfaith chaplaincy training and life experience to guide the individual in their own exploration. Life stories are the food of and for the Soul. Listening is an honor.

Korie is also a non-denominational minister/officiant for threshold experiences Including baby blessings, weddings, renewal of vows, end of life spiritual counseling, and birthing into death. She is a passionate student of life beyond the five senses and makes daily practice of balancing that world with the physical plane.  

Recently relocated to the East Coast, Korie splits her time between Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, NY. She lives with her partner, Alina, and two dogs, Roan and Ziggy Stardust.

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"Thank you again so much Korie for our Friday time - thanking my stars that we have met in this life!  You are like this magical bear-woman-elf-guardian-midwife carrying an understated, yet powerful lantern - gracefully casting light here and there on the deep forest path so that I can find my way home.  Wow! 

Much appreciation to you." 


"There is the skill of being a healer and there are those who take healing to an art form, whose talent is incomparable and inexplicable; Korie is the latter and she singlehandedly changed my experience leading up to major surgery.  As I journeyed through the endless nooks and crannies leading up to it, I relied on Korie to bring me me back into balance.  Her gift is her ability to bring spirit and body into alignment, and she helped me access my own Power, internal strength, wisdom and peace. 
For this, I feel endless gratitude. " 

"Korie has great insight of the human psyche.

She is very intuitively perceptive and is psychically gifted. 

It is a delight to work with her."  


"My Aha! Moments under Korie's calm and beneficial Healing Touch began a dozen years ago as I was undergoing chemo. After each of my 6 hour chemo infusions, Korie's Healing Touch sessions shifted the gray that saturated my body to distinct, vibrant colors I could actually see. And with that, shifted my ability to cope with how western medicine was reducing my tumor.  

Today,  our  Zoom greetings have the ease of conversation.  Korie replies with a few words at the end of my sentence, and a clarity triggers a sensation that starts at the top of my head and moves completely through my body. A clear perception comes through, and with it , peace. Speaking with Korie, I have Aha! Moments and breathe with new freedom in my heart." 


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