Tarot Readings

​I focus on issues active in your life today, and what choices are in front of you

to create the future you desire. We look at "best outcome" from this vantage point, 

knowing every step we take determines our destiny. The One Hour Tarot reading identifies your

Life Archetype and its attributes. We also explore the focus of your current year, birthday to birthday.  

From here we will address the questions you bring to the table.

In the Half Hour Reading, we look at the questions you would like to explore.

Energy Awareness Tutorials

By going inward, we can become aware of ourselves as energy beings in physical bodies. We can identify  what is our energy and what belongs to others. We are able to strengthen our energetic boundaries, ground ourselves and live a more intentional life. Over time, we create the life we want, experience serenity, peace and growth. Manifest your heart’s desire!


In these sessions, Korie introduces energy tools and guides you to recognize and manage your own energy system. Learn the way of energy healing!

Intuitive Readings & Healings

An intuitive reading looks at energy patterns stored in your Aura that create blocks to what it is you want.

Once we identify them, we can clear the energy patterns from the aura, giving you fresh perspective on the path in front of you.

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