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The study of Epigenetics examines the passage of trauma from one generation to
the next. We heal from the experience of societal or personal trauma stored in our DNA. We can also navigate in the world with their wisdom and help in uncertain times. Ancestral Healing gives us a pathway to the heal old wounds. Often by hearing the story
of the trauma, we can then honor them for their experience. We recognize mutual
qualities and shared gifts. In healing the generations preceding our own, we set a new vibration on the planet that radiates
outward and upholds ancestral healing
across the globe.

Life experiences that shaped our ancestors continue to influence our own lives. The stories passed down through the generations hold valuable information. We offer healing to our ancestors as we release burdens we have carried on their behalf. Healing occurs as we claim our place in the lineage.Through communicating with the ancestors, we create ritual and speak the truth about what was. We name our perspective of their journey and the residual you have carried. As we honor their journey, we acknowledge their suffering and ours. 


Individual sessions introduce methods to contact your ancestors. You can communicate with them, honor them, and experience them as your allies. Conversations with the ancestors reveals what they need for healing to occur. We work together to create ritual to honor and recognize them and their experiences. Gain the support of your ancestors to manifest your dreams. After all, you are the manifestation of their descendent dreams. They can’t wait to meet you!




This workshop introduction gives us a pathway to heal old wounds

passed on through the generations. Contacting our ancestors creates opportunity

to converse with them. We hear the stories of their tragic and triumphant life events.

We can honor them for their experience. We recognize mutual qualities and shared gifts. Listen to their stories, share your own.

Acknowledge your shared history.

You are the manifestation of their dreams! Validating their value affirms your own.

Reach across the generations with permission and compassion.

Healing occurs.

Through guided imagery and shamanic journeying,

we will meet our ancestors and chart a path of healing together.

This workshop is the first in a series. It is the foundational work.

If you have missed the event and are interested in subsequent workshops,

please contact Korie to set up an individual session.

FEE:  $75 / 60-90 MIN

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