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The Shamanic Life



Shamanism views all things as related and animated, individual organisms in a unified whole. Dis-ease, illness and conflict can be seen as spiritually based. Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine attend to the body to manage physical malfunction.  Remembering we are creatures of Mind, Body and Spirit, we must address the well-being of the Mind and Spirit, too. The Shamanic Practitioner, with the help of the Healing Spirits, attends to restoring Spiritual balance.  Shamanic Healing can work hand in hand with Western Medicine.


By connecting to and interacting with the Healing Spirits we can learn, grow and heal. We come to know our rightful place on the planet, our relatedness to others, everyone, all beings. We recognize our own gifts and we are invited to grow. We can ask for healing or teachings on behalf of ourselves or  others.



Tarot clarifies and illuminates the path of self-discovery for the individual.  Through a reading using the Tarot, you can discover your birth archetype and its qualities to better understand yourself. Archetypes can become a guide for us, helping us heal and grow in the face of fear, uncertainty and curiosity.


The Tarot can become a guiding light in recognizing internal patterns that keep us from what it is we want.  As you gain understanding, you have the opportunity to make changes to create the life you desire. 

"The Combination of Tarot and  Shamanism

         creates a Portal into a new Way of Knowing the world

                                                                                            and your Place in it."

Original Photography ©Korie Shokmalli 2020

The Great Bear Rainforest, BC

Healing and Growth


Healers help us identify our inner voice by introducing us to practical tools we

can use in our daily lives. They lead to AHA! moments. Building trust and

experience in listening for this voice brings confidence as we find our true path.

Healing and growth are the driving force in the lifelong journey that is truly living

a conscious life. The gift is change. 

How do we find our way when things seem to be moving in an aimless direction,

like you're steering a boat without a rudder? 


As you find ways to quiet the mind, you begin to hear a quiet voice deep within.  

This is your Soul’s voice. Listen to this voice and find the guidance you are seeking. 

The path to what it is you desire becomes illuminated. To be quiet and still

introduces us to our powerful inner self.  

Korie uses spiritual practices and tools you'll find described in this website. 

She is a guide in your quest to find your path and heart's desire.  As you

experienceNon Ordinary Reality, you meet the Spirits and embark

on the  journey of self discovery and the gifts of healing. The Tarot also

opens the door to inner exploration. Through learning about the

Archetypes (The Major Arcana) and their attributes(Minor Arcana) we come to understand ourselves and the world.  Healing occurs. Together, you and I can change the world, get through crises, heal the planet and each other.

©Korie Shokmalli 2020

All Text and photography ©Bearstar Holistic Healing 2020   All Rights Reserved