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Being The Counterbalance

The Conversation

We are Beings of Light and have chosen to be here at this time to reconnect Heaven and Earth, Science and Spirituality and to be the counterbalance to restore the Light in dark places.

Health issues are often wake up calls to realign and come into right relationship with yourself. Korie is a comforting guide
as you go through medical procedures, surgeries, chemo
and adjusting to new diagnoses.


Compassionate listening and caring await you

Meet Korie

Korie Shokmalli is a retired RN, active metaphysical healer

and teacher who brings insight and clarity to the life journey.


She is an impeccable guide in opening doors

to self-understanding and to the Universe beyond the five senses.

Offering a unique perspective of holistic healing with an insider’s

view of healthcare, she assists individuals in expanding

self-understanding and connection
 with the Divine.


Korie's extensive training and experience in Shamanism, Tarot, Healing Touch and Energy Awareness provide a holistic and integrated approach.


Many years ago, it was Korie who needed healing. She set out on a course to restore her health while coming into right relationship with herself.

Today, she feels vitally alive, healthy and excited about her work. She enjoys working with clients dealing with issues of health, aging and inner growth.

Korie thrives in nature, in her garden and in time spent in her own Shamanic based spiritual practice.
She lives with her partner and their dogs, Ziggy and Darcy, and divides her time between Western New York and Toronto, Canada.

Best Path

Korie is here for you, as you sort out the best path forward to loving
who you are and creating the life you want. Discover ways to create inner calmness
in the face of outer whirlwinds of uncertainty about health, our wellbeing and our hopes
and dreams. Our identity is challenged.

We find ourselves asking,"Who am I now with this new reality?

What lies ahead? How can I take charge of my health?"

In a world where time often races ahead, leaving little room for meaningful connections,
there's a haven of support awaiting you as you navigate your "new normal."

Join Korie
for weekly sessions designed to uplift and empower.

Here, you'll discover a safe space to ask questions,
find support,

craft a personalized self-care roadmap,
and bring you into the center of your life.

Enjoy the ease of ongoing email and text support between sessions
– a lifeline whenever you need it.

Together, we illuminate the path forward, one of healing,
growth, and strength.

If you or a loved one are grappling with health challenges, seeking a richer support system beyond what health care practitioners have time to offer,
 these sessions are tailored
just for you. Let empathy and encouragement be your
companions as you return to inner and outer good health.
Your journey to wellness begins with a single step

– Let's take it together.

Join Korie

What’s available at Bearstar Holistic Healing?

Surgery Support

Heading into surgery can be full of anxiety and fear of the
unknown. Korie clears misplaced energy from the procedure room
ahead of your surgery. When you head to there for your procedure;
surgery, chemo, dental surgery, she accompanies you to keep the
room clear of distracting energy. She sees who is there supporting
you, your ancestors, spirit helpers, or spiritual teachers. Dictating what
she sees, she shares her notes with you, post procedure.Preparing for
surgery and recovery: Using gentle hands-on healing to direct energy
flow in your body, Korie works remotely to relieve anxiety, relieve
pain, clear anesthesia from the body, and restore
balance. This
works well in conjunction with Western Medicine.

Putting things in order:

Life Review
Explore your personal history in new ways to gain new perspective. The past takes up its rightful place in the past. Find peace through connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. Meet your support system through Shamanic Journeying.

Spiritual Care
You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Take a step back and reconnect with yourself. Create the life you want. Rediscover the magic you once knew. Identify the path to your dreams! Meet your ancestors and healing companions.

Healing Support

Tutorials in

Auric Reading
Shamanic Journeying
Threshold Vigiling Support

Sitting at the bedside when a loved one is preparing to die can be stressful and misunderstood. Korie reveals who is there to welcome the loved one into the Light. Receive messages and gain  understanding to release your loved one into the Light. Learn much love is in the room. Understand how you can support your loved one, make completions with them, while taking care of your grieving self.

Client Response

HWhat clients are saying

"Thank you again so much Korie for our Friday time - thanking my stars that we have met in this life!  You are like this magical bear-woman-elf-guardian-midwife carrying an understated, yet powerful lantern - gracefully casting light here and there on the deep forest path so that I can find my way home.  Wow! Much appreciation to you." 


"There is the skill of being a healer and there are those who take healing to an art form, whose talent is incomparable and inexplicable; Korie is the latter and she singlehandedly changed my experience leading up to major surgery. As I journeyed through the endless nooks and crannies leading up to it, I relied on Korie to bring me me back into balance. Her gift is her ability to bring spirit and body into alignment, and she helped me access my own Power, internal strength, wisdom and peace.  For this, I feel endless gratitude. " 


"Korie has great insight of the human psyche. She is very intuitively perceptive and is psychically gifted. It is a delight to work with her."  


“Before I started to work with Korie I was kind of a “jumble” of mixed emotions and deep, dark childhood experiences. I was at that time tense, insecure and sure that no one could possibly like me.From working with Korie, I now feel quite calm (most of the time) strong and sure that I can meet challenges that come my way. I have a much greater understanding of myself and my past and the underlying strength that I have.I have gained so much from working with Korie, greater understanding of who I am, the beginning of compassion for my violent mother, more understanding of my father who ran away from his life with us to another country, building an almost impenetrable wall. Most of all I have a respect for myself to have survived and built a life from these embers.”                     Jen aged 92

"[Receiving threshold insights] is so comforting and enlightening. Thank you so much. We appreciate you so much for helping us through this."

B, J, L


“As a nurse diagnosed with breast cancer in the winter of 2022, my anxiety was quite high, and there was a lot of uncertainty about diagnosis and treatment and my four surgeries over that next year. Korie’s {energy} work going ahead of my entrée to the chemo clinic and the emergency room, hospital unit and the operating rooms was immeasurable. The information Korie sent to me afterwards about the clearings, and the ancestors and family (past and present) who were with me in the different situations, (not to mention Jesus “hanging out” too 😊), gave me such confidence and trust and peace, and allowed me to go through the experience each time with minimal panic and anxiety. No matter how much Korie had on her own plate, she always made time for me, and words cannot describe how much it meant. Coming through all the surgeries and infections, etc. with Korie, always making herself available to me, was unbelievable and amazing and knowing someone is there for me in the future too gives me great comfort. My biggest gains were some of my insights, knowing with certainty and feeling it, that I was not alone, and there was a strength more powerful than me always willing to stay with me and help me.”                                                Joanne, Pennsylvania 

"Korie has a gift for what she calls "Ah-ha! moments.” It doesn’t take her long to get straight to the heart of a matter, shining the penetrating light of insight on what has been hidden from oneself. With her grounded, nurturing, and empowering presence, she holds space for the integration of new awareness. Korie’s a true healer. I highly recommend her."   Melissa C, California


"I have known and worked with Korie since around 1998. Back then, I was a wild and broken young woman with a trunk full of trauma and a chip on my shoulder. Today I feel calmly mature and grounded. I know peace and love and am able to be there for others. Much praise is due for the guidance she has provided over the years.It's hard to describe decades of change and growth - for both of us!  She has definitely become a mentor to me - an invaluable resource. She has been available through thick and thin, always having nuggets of wisdom or healing methods to help me make the next step on my journey - from the very beginning with learning to be autonomous and senior in my energy space to now beginning to train to do hospice volunteer work. Korie has been a willing coach and a sincere witness to my process. She has many tools in her satchel of healing - from helping me learn to ‘ground in present time’ to working with the ethereal in spirit realms. Together we are healing my past with inner work and looking at whatever current trigger may have gotten me off my path, so that I can continue to keep showing up. "                           

Steph 61, San Francisco

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