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A Lifelong Journey

Healing and Growth

Korie uses spiritual practices and tools you'll find described in this website. 

She is a guide in your quest to find your path and heart's desire.

As you experience Non Ordinary Reality, you meet the Spirits

and embark on journeys to discover and share gifts of healing.


Together, we can change the world, get through crises,

heal the planet and each other.



Shamanism views all things as related and animated: Rivers, trees, rocks, birds, people, places. We can find ourselves at any point on the continuum of wellness at any time.

Shamanism involves relationships with Nature and with compassionate healing Spirits who guide, teach and heal.

We meet these guides and teachers in places that are perceived beyond the five senses.

They can teach us to be healing conduits for the planet and her inhabitants. 

We can ask for healing from past or present wounding.

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